History of Technology,10 points (10610)

From the Pyramids to the Internet.
Society, technology and technologists, 10 points.

Please note that the course is available as either a 5 or a 10 point course.
The 10 point course will require the completion of an essay after a series of afternoon seminars.
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Lecturer: Laila Zwisler
The lectures will be given in English.
Course Textbook:

Misa, Thomas, Leonardo to the Internet: John Hopkins UP, 2011.

Supplementary reading:

Wiebe E. Bijker, Thomas P. Hughes and Trevor Pinch, ed. The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology. (MIT press 2012)
Donald MacKenzie and Judy Wajcman. The Social Shaping of Technology. (2.ed. Open University Press: Milton Keynes, 1999).
Keld Nielsen, Henry Nielsen og Hans Siggaard Jensen, red.Skruen uden ende. Den vestlige teknologis historie. (3. udgave, København, 2005).
Merrit Roe Smith and Leo Marx. Does Technology Drive History? the Dilemma of Technological Determinism. (MIT press 1994). 
Guidelines for the final essay (10 points) 




Week 1:  Introduction 
Week 2:  Ancient Mysteries and the Dark Ages
Week 3:  Technology in the Renaissance
Week 4: Myths and Realities of the Industrial Revolution
Week 5: 

Science and Systems

Week 6:  Open air Museum
Week 7:  Modelling Technology
Week 8:  The History of Engineering
Week 9: Windmills, Energy and Environment
Week 10:  Old Carlsberg Brewery 
Week 11:  Mass Production and the Consumer Society

Week 12:  The Means of Destruction 
Week 13:  Global Culture and the Internet 
18 AUGUST 2017