1000-word essay

1000-word essay for History of Technology

  • Select a technically related historical issue to be analyzed in an essay

  • Identify pertinent questions to be answered

  • Select and critically compare sources related to this issue

  • Present the analysis and conclusion clearly and to the point



  • Intro where you present your case and how you will approach it and - if suitable – your sources of information.

If you have selected a specific time period, geographical area, technology or have put any other restrictions on your topic, please say it here. I strongly urge you to narrow down your topic.

If you are working towards or against a hypothesis, it should also be stated in the intro.

  • Main body with analysis (remember references)

  • It is important to clearly separate claims made by your sources and claims made by you.

  • Conclusion

  • Bibliography


The bibliography does not count in the 1000-words


Use what you have learned in the presentations in class about critical treatment of text and sources

22 JUNI 2018