risø vindmøller dtu

Windmills, Energy and Environment

Week 12


Kristian H. Nielsen & Matthias Heymann, Winds of change: communication and wind power technology development in Denmark and Germany from 1973 to ca. 1985, Engineering studies 2012

Discussion 1:

Heymann, Matthias, The evolution of climate ideas and knowledge, vok. 1, pp 581-597, in John Wiley: Interdiscplinary Reviews Climate Change, 2010

Discussion 2:

Stein, F. Karen, Rachel Carson, Challeging authors, vol. 2, pp. 107-130,

Sense Publishers Rotterdam/Tapei, 2012

Discussion 3:

Högselius P., Kaijser A., van der Vleuten E., Europe’s Infrastructure Transition, Economy, War,  Nature, ch. 7, pp. 269-309, 

Palgrave Macmillan 2016