History of Technology Course

History of Technology: From the Pyramids to the Internet. Society, technology and technologists

Week 1: Introduction to the Course

This course will consist of core articles and chapters you are expected to read before the lecture/seminar. There will also be supplementary lists for anyone wishing to read further and for particular themes in the seminar groups and workshops. Each time students will present texts for discussion, to pass the course, you are expected to present twice. 

The textbook for the course; Thomas J. Misa: "Leonardo to the Internet" The John Hopkins University Press 2004,  is available in the DTU bookshop (Polytekniskboghandel) while the articles will be given at the class. For all articles, each student must pay kr. 200.  

DEADLINE for the 1000 word essay: November 13th, at midnight


09.00-12.00 Introductory lecture. Firstly, on the content of the course, the course structure, and practical matters such as exam requirements and methods. Secondly, a brief introduction to ancient civilizations will be given. History books tell us that pyramids were built 3,4,5 thousand years ago from whole stone monoliths, cut out from rock, transported considerable distances, somehow lifted and piled on each other with incredible exactitude. Thousands of slaves toiled year after year on these astonishing projects. Is that really the case? How do we ascertain knowledge about ancient techniques and technologies?



Supplementary readings:

Chapter 3 in McClellan , James E., Dorn, Harold and McClellan III , James E.

“Science and Technology in World History: An Introduction”

John Hopkins University Press; 2nd Rev Edition, 2006.

Edwards, James Frederick

“Building the Great Pyramid”

Technology & Culture,

Volume 44, number 2, April 2003, p. 340

Introduction in Edgerton, David

 "The Shock of the Old", Profile Books, 2006

Misa, Thomas J.
"The Compelling Tangle of Modernity and Technology"
pp. 1-30 in Misa, Thomas J. et. al. (eds.)
"Modernity and Technology".
London & Cambridge, Mass. The MIT press, 2003. 

Nicholson , Paul T.
Brilliant Things for Akhenaten
Egypt Exploration Society, 2007.


Nicholson , Paul T.
“Glass and faience at Amarna: different t methods of both supply and production, and subsequent distribution”
Ch.8 pp.147-160 in Shortland, Andrew J.,
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Nicholson , Paul T.
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