Ancient Mysteries and the Dark Ages

Week 2

Technology in Ancient Greece, Rome and the middle Ages.

Ancient Greek boasted many technologies. To gain knowledge of this we have to look at both material and literary evidence, which suggest that techne played an important role in Greek culture. The connections between the Greek culture and the technology , which was used and developed, are evident. 

Technology was also important in the middle Ages. Lynn White's influential book "Medieval Technology and Social Change” portrays a culture eager for change. 


9.00-12.00 Lecture and seminar

Core readings:

Lecture :

McClellan , James E., Dorn, Harold and McClellan III , James E. 

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ISBN-10: 0801883601 , ISBN-13: 978-0801883606

Chapter 4 Alexandria and After: p.85-96, intro to part III and Chapter 10 Plows, Stirrups, Guns, and Plauges: p. 177-182 Books and Gowns, p.192 Cannons and Sailing Ships - 201 

Discussion 1:

Kron, Geoffrey

"Agriculture" chapter 3 in "A Companion to Food in the Ancient World" by John Wilkins and Robin Nadeau, 2015  

Discussion 2:

White, Lynn, Jr.,

"Medieval Technology and Social Change",

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Supplementary readings:

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22 JUNI 2018